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Hart Broudy


My work is language in space, language in flux, language fragmented: forms and structures freed from contextual pollution. The burden of word becomes image — newly rich with possibilities. My explorations into visual English forms began first with ‘5c Utopia’ and continued with more focus in ‘A Book of A’. At the time, there was much atom-splitting amongst the various powers, and I wanted to get my hand in too, so I split the supreme lingua-atom, a, to see what was what. Astounding energies and possibilities and shapes I’d never imagined burst outward as a contains all histories and all futures —  and of course I used these new energies for immediate destruction. Control and visual coherence had to be learned — at will, letters can be reshaped and reinvigorated. Or reduced to rubble.

Over time, via typewriter and Letraset, ink and acrylic, I experimented with different ideas. There was failure and success and a long hiatus.

I began to understand that visual relationships between poetic objects in space also implied their depth. All this of course coincides with the sciences of our time and ‘uncertainty’, as artistic principle, began to play a larger role and the page or canvas began to assume its own being — as dimensional gateway.