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bill bissett

bill bissett at the Tarragon Theatre, Toronto, 2019

bill bissett at the Tarragon Theatre, Toronto, 2019

th artists precipice

ther ar sew manee apertures sew manee opnings  sew manee wayze in  sew manee wayze out  a lot uv art is in reaksyuns 2 othr art previous or seeming contemporaree or reactiv 2 oppressyun  or showing how it is or not giving a sweet f abt all that showing th circul th square oblong rectangul  th abstraksyuns uv thot or being or being totalee discursiv abt all that  or showing outside uv all that as well  art within th shadows  dangr places uv monstrs mayhem murdr  mothrlee love ium kinduv sure nowun stays in my bed 2 long now he sd or nowun at all ther sew I can dreem uv sumwun  2 fall asleep with th image uv  but they can nevr leev bcoz thr was nowun ther  they wer nevr ther  sew separaysyun insurans is that what we evenshulee want  a hedg against despair  nevr can get ghostid or left yet we ar strongr  can b  thn thees msallianses  thees dandelion dragon troll pinpoints uv marseilles  th carrot cake n koffee in that kafay in madrid not far from th prado let that sink in or th aperture can b th sprucing up th evolushyunaree thrust  that art can help our specees get bettr  get ovr th crueltee murdr n xtreem pointless agonee uv th terribul klass systems  during what we hope was th height uv th covid-19 pandemik  yewnitid states was th sole dissenting vote 2 lets have a universal cees fire during ths pandemik   sew thr ar monstrs within us  art dusint have 2 b abt anee uv ths   n they sd put all th dstressd n sorrow in th lite lure touch  ther ar pickshurs inside th lettrs  n lettrs inside th pickshurs  whn i bgan writing 4 reel  aftr my first mothr went 2 spirit   I wrote words all ovr th page  evreething is deth  deth  n mor deth  why use a strait line whn life isint  dusint   wuns yu start evreething is an influenz  heering Edith Sitwell facade sound poetree thats th world i want 2 get in2 n espeshulee Gertrude Stein  n  e.e. cummings n 4 prsonal life unfolding James Baldwin  langwage n life  dusint have 2 b binaree it can  but no have 2s   n also we selekt th influences we want  what can we grab hold uv  thers a tortur n a torment n a   thru n a claritee n soons thers a plateau say we may think wev got sumwher we havint sew thr was Bob Cobbing  Paula Claire writrs forum  d.a.levy cleevland  bpNichol toronto sound n vizual poets sprouting up evreewher Bertrand Lachance kebek brazil checkoslovakia Ivo Vroom  amsterdam  paris japan Mary Ellen Solt  yew s  evreewher Judith Copithorne  Martina Clinton  Lance Farrell bordrblur i was sew in2 with blew trewz n othr works why bordrs why peeing on establishing territoreez n all th  chanting  repetishyun  th ancient lord laydee uv th univers asks us 2 b  n letting th will 2 keep going b in th pickshur bcumming no pickshur at all  turning n turning  Maxine Gadd all  preshyus stones  th weeding n weering n th ring is  n isint benign nihilism   n letting th tensyun go with non intensyunaliteez  stanzas in meditaysyun Gertrude Stein accidental writing  s th storee i to   a storee is what time is it  byond storee  th centr was europe  paris  thn it bcame nu york  thn th centr bcame evreewher  n as Wordsworth sd th world is 2 much with us late n soon  n isint if we allow that apertur n langwage centres ar all ovr th bodee n each day i c a littul mor th camera uv th lens n th nervous centr uv th brains eye  blurring th bordrs  Austin Clarke  basik incum 4 evreewun n singul payr health care free 4 evreewun same as universitee edukaysyun college free  n that th focus th apertur is on th work n what may happn with it  not on th ruling klass allegians  free th poetree  free th poet  sumtimes nothing is in th frame  sumtimes evreewun is in th frame  n sumtimes 4grounding sumtimes supporting Allen Ginsberg  Peter Orlovsky  John Wieners  Diane di Prima  Diane Wakoski  Michael McClure  Denise Levertov Leroi Jones  John Rechy  James Reaney  Coleen Thibadeau Earle Brney Irving Layton  A.M.Klein Leonard Cohen  Dorothy Livesay Anne Hebert n Maria Campbell  Mariam Waddington  P.K. Page Phyllis Webb  Duke Redbird Thomas King  Nicole Brossard  Susan Musgrave  Lillian Allen  Paul Dutton  Steve Mccaffery  Andrea Thompson  Clifton Joseph  Stedman Pardy  David Bateman  Hart Broudy  David Tinmouth  Naomi Laufer  Derek Beaulieu  Gregory Scofield  Gregory Betts  Robert Anderson Daniel f Bradley  Jim Andrews Kai Kellough Brian Dedora  Myra Vargas  Gary Barwin  Kate Siklosi  Brandon Wint  Dani Spinoza  Helen Posno  Nordine Beason  Honey Novick  Frances Kruk  Franco Cortese  Christian Bok  Gus Morin  Adeena Karasick  entr th worlds uv intrtextualis n konkreet is porous prformans poetree multiplisittez  cascading intelekshual emoshyunal th tormenting roads we go thru all th messaging n definishyuns changing n variabul unskathing changeling pleeding n saying   is th word 2 much with us late n soon yet its how we shape th slippreeness yes  she likes it  he likes it  a thot form is a thot farm. what thots we choos as well as ar drivn 2

in th oxygen tent whn i was eleven  thn aftr sew manee surgereez I cudint b a dansr i decided i wud b an artist a paintr n a writr n thn I wud still b abul 2  feel th line mooving thru space  wch is what i wantid 2 feel all th time times  th line mooving thru space  n heer n c  th anshula rhapsodee 

zoom reading 27 may 2020