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Daniel f Bradley

multi-talented & admired, dfb will always be a friend of nOIR:Z

an unnumbered nOIR:Z | zap gun bomber  with Hart Broudy

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 We are private detectives back from a pilgrimage. Our office is secluded. We discover torn images from magazines, so we switch to strictly-hardcore concrete and visual poetry, which sells so well that we strip the shelves of literary press propaganda. We move from the basement to the street-level. Business thrives, and the self-named Zap Gun Bomber develops brisk international mail-order sales of blewointments, cosmic chefs’ and glamour pin-ups. The Zap Gun Bomber knows this cultural selection will offend. It’s assembled from torn physical and digital sex- and exploitation mags like Playboy, Saturday Evening Post and Popular Mechanics.

nOIR:Z 34 | Nosferatu in Toronto

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 A committed Marxist–Leninist, Count Orlok was one of the most notorious political terrorists of his era. When he joined the Popular Front for the Liberation of Brasov (PFLB) in 1970, recruiting officer Elizabeth “Countess” Báthroy, gave him the code name “Nosferatu” because of his death like pallor. After several bungled robberies, Orlock led the 1975 raid on the headquarters of the Red Cross in Washington DC. This was followed by a string of attacks against soft blood bank targets around the world. For many years he was among the most-wanted international fugitives. He only really began to sell his boxes for significant sums after his 1949 solo show at the Charles Egan Gallery.